Great Big Plants
Natural & Organic Gardening Made Easy

The mission of Great Big Plants, LLC is to help the home gardener be
successful by offering natural and organic soil and plant fertility
products that work to improve soil and plant performance. The first
products offered are a line of natural and organic liquid composts using
proprietary formulations that have been proven in commercial
agriculture for two decades.

20 years ago, BioScientific, Inc. (BioSci), parent company to Great
Big Plants, LLC, recognized that commercial growers needed an
easy-to-apply alternative to compost and manure. BioSci developed a
unique liquid compost that could be applied to the field through regular
or drip irrigation, alone or with N-P-K inputs. With cumulative
production now over twenty million gallons, this liquid compost has been
used year after year by all kinds of growers and on all kinds of crops.
Users include growers for food companies such as Dole, Blue Diamond,
Del Monte and Anheuser-Busch. Developed from these tried and true
formulations, Great Big Plants Organic Liquid Compost was created to
offer home gardeners the same quality product for use in their own

In 2006, Great Big Plants, LLC commenced its first sales to home gardeners via its own website at
In 2007, a handful of pilot retailers began selling Great Big Plants
Organic Liquid Compost. Based on the successful results of these
retailers, Great Big Plants Organic Liquid Compost is now being offered
to independent nurseries and garden centers across America. In 2010,
three new formulations of natural liquid compost were introduced – Great
Big Tomatoes, Great Big Roses and Great Big Potted Plants.